1. Payphone – Maroon 5

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This is my current playlist. Hey, maybe you’ll enjoy it too 🙂

In random order:

1. Landing in london by 3 doors down

2. Capital ME by taking back sunday

3. Show me the way by styx

4. It’s the way you make me feel by steps

5. Breakeven by the script

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Feeling blue? Try listening to these “fun” songs and hopefully it will help you cheer up a bit! 🙂

1. Alright by supergrass

2. All star by smash mouth

3. Starlight by muse

4. Chemistry by semisonic

5. Yesterday once more by redd kross

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in random order:

1. i don’t know much – aaron neville & linda ronstadt

2. time to say goodbye – andrea bocelli & sarah brightman

3. when you’re gone – bryan adams & mel c

4. i believe in you – celine dion & il divo

5. when i fall in love – celine dion & clive griffin

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Since I’m an Indonesian, you can say that I’m quite proud of Indonesian music. But mostly I enjoy the songs from the 90s–I think the quality is better and the songs are much more unforgettable.

In random order:

1. hanya satu kata – adegan

2. bukan cinta biasa – afgan

3. hitamku – andra and the backbone

4. maafkan – atiek cb

5. hanya dirimu – bayou

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