courtroom quotations

  • Lawyer: “Now, Mrs. Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated?”
  • Witness: “By death.”
  • Lawyer: “And by whose death was it terminated?”


  • Lawyer: “What is your date of birth?”
  • Witness: “July 15th.”
  • Lawyer: “What year?”
  • Witness: “Every year.”


  • Lawyer: “Can you tell us what was stolen from your house?”
  • Witness: “There was a rifle that belonged to my father that was stolen from the hall closet.”
  • Lawyer: “Can you identify the rifle?”
  • Witness: “Yes. There was something written on the side of it.”
  • Lawyer: “And what did the writing say?”
  • Witness: “‘Winchester’!”


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Hey! I just found my schedule while traveling in Bali a couple of years ago with 3 friends (all female). Here it is:

Day 1
Walked around Kuta beach
Saw sunset in Kuta beach

Day 2
Visited Kintamani
Celuk silver
Tampak Siring & Tirta Empul
Shopping in Sukawati
Saw sunset in Jimbaran

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