I don’t see myself as a romantic person, but there were times when I felt the need to listen to these easy-listening, slow, and calm down-kind of songs.

In random order:

1. someone like me – atomic kitten

2. knockin’ on heaven’s door – avril lavigne

3. heart of mine – bob dylan

4. i will get there – boyz ii men

5. streets of philadelphia – bruce springsteen

6. the blower’s daughter – damien rice

7. sometimes when we touch – dan hill

8. stand up for love – destiny’s child

9. superman – five for fighting

10. nothing’s gonna change my love for you – george benson

11. anything for you – gloria estefan

12. come in out of the rain– wendy moten

13. you make it real – james morrison

14. annie’s song – john denver

15. broken – lifehouse

16. ain’t no sunshine – lighthouse family

17. do it to me – lionel richie

18. the sweetest days – vanessa williams

19. complicated heart – michael learns to rock

20. back for good – take that

21. hopelessly – rick astley

22. angel – robbie williams

23. unfaithful – rihanna

24. time of your life – green day

25. never say never – the fray


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Female. Indonesian. Love reading, traveling, listening to music, watching movies.

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