Tired of your own playlist? Check out these bands. Their music are refreshing!

In random order:

1. 3 doors down

my favorites: it’s not my time * let me go * here without you * away from the sun

2. all american rejects

my favorites: dirty little secret * it ends tonight * move along * gives you hell

3. arkarna

my favorites: life is free * so little time * rehab * your psycho

4. blink 182

my favorites: adam’s song * all the small things * i miss you * stay together for the kids * what’s my age again

5. cake

my favorites: never there * no phone * perhaps perhaps perhaps * short skirt long jacket * i will survive

6. collective soul

my favorites: run * heavy * shine * so tell me why * december

7. counting crows

my favorites: accidentally in love * big yellow taxi * long december

8. three days grace

my favorites: never too late * i hate everything about you

9. eagle eye cherry

my favorites: are you still having fun * save tonight * falling in love again

10. fall out boy

my favorites: thks fr th mmrs * beat it * dance dance

11. foo fighters

my favorites: learn to fly * big me * walking after you * best of you * all my life

12. fort minor

my favorites: believe me * where’d you go * remember the name * kenji

13. lifehouse

my favorites: hanging by a moment * you and me * broken * breathing

14. muse

my favorites: starlight * time is running out * lose control * unintended * sing for absolution

15. one republic

my favorites: apologize * all the right moves * stop and stare * say (all i need)

16. semisonic

my favorites: closing time * chemistry

17. smash mouth

my favorites: all star * then the morning comes

18. sugar ray

my favorites: every morning * someday * fly * falls apart * when it’s over

19. the fray

my favorites: how to save a life * never say never * look after you * over my head * you found me

20. the ting tings

my favorites: that’s not my name * shut up and let me go * great dj


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Female. Indonesian. Love reading, traveling, listening to music, watching movies.

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