These are the kind of songs I listened to when I’m going to the office or coming home from the office. So you can say it’s my on-the-road playlist. Because I’m always kind of sleepy from lack of sleep and tired after a long tiring day at the office, I’d like to listen to something that would wake me up.

In random order:

1. all the right moves – one republic

2. it’s not my time – 3 doors down

3. thnks fr th mmrs – fall out boy

4. breathe – michelle branch

5. be yourself – audioslave

6. say something anyway – belle fire

7. in these arms – bon jovi

8. choose – color me badd

9. crush – david archuleta

10. lights on – david cook

11. are you still having fun – eagle eye cherry

12. follow you down – gin blossoms

13. faithful – go west

14. battlefield – jordin sparks

15. everybody’s changing – keane

16. just dance – lady gaga

17. hanging by a moment – lifehouse

18. new divide – linkin park

19. don’t say you love me – m2m

20. built to last – melee

21. starlight – muse

22. love and affection – nelson

23. please don’t leave me – pink

24. umbrella – rihanna

25. can’t cry anymore – sheryl crow


About kcplanet

Female. Indonesian. Love reading, traveling, listening to music, watching movies.

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